What’s the different Lash Extension Sets??

Updated: Nov 8

This is a question I get asked almost daily. People automatically assume that eyelash extensions are always super full, long and just gaudy. That’s not always the case. I offer three different sets that all vary in fullness. The length is always up to the client and can be easily customizable.

Classic Set- $95

A classic set is to enhance your lash length.

This set you take an individual lash extension and apply it to each individual lash. This set offers length and minimal volume.

Hybrid Set-$110

A hybrid set offers length and medium volume. This set you use both fan lashes and single lashes. The fan lashes are what adds the volume. This set is a perfect set for the client who isn’t sure what set is their favorite.

Volume Set- $130

A volume set adds length and maximum volume. This set is perfect for the person who loves to go all out!

Color Add-On-$10

Some people enjoy a pop of color in their lashes and I think this is the perfect touch for any event you are going to or even if you just want your favorite color added to your set!!

Fills-$50 and up

A lash fill is a necessity when it comes to after care for your lashes. Bi-weekly fills are strongly recommended for every lash client. This helps maintain the look of your lashes. Bi-weekly fills also help you gain retention and will cost you less on fills. My fills start out at $50 and once you hit 50 minutes the price goes up $1/minute (ex: 60 minute fill-$60 1 hour and 5 minutes- $65 ect. ) The reason why fills will save you money is the less time you’re here the less your lashes cost!

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