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Braiding services done by a certified braid technician. 


Micro braids are tiny braids, so small they often resemble thick strands of hair.  Add synthetic hair to elevate the look. 

$25 per hour


Designer Braids

Almost any design can be achieved, it is recommended to book a consultation first, to discuss your goal. 

$25 per hour


Box Braids

The name comes from the “box” or square-shaped partings on each braid, although there are many other parting variations. Triangle and diamond parts can also work for this look.

$25 per hour



Cornrow Braids are a traditional style of braids in which hair is braided underhand to make a continuous raised row.

$25 per hour


Feed-In Braids / Cornrows

Feed in braids/cornrows are done with synthetic extensions that are installed by “feeding” the extensions into the natural hair, close to the scalp, by a three strand braid/cornrow, to add length and volume.  Hair bundles are an additional charge, or can be provided by the client.

$25 per hour


Single or Double Braids

Choose French or Dutch, single or double.  This is a temporary style, that usually lasts a few days.

Starts at $5


Braid-In Strand

Wanna add a pop of color to your Dutch Braid? We have a large selection of colorful synthetic hair to choose from. 

Starts at $6


Braid-In Bundle

Wanna add color, length, AND volume, go with the bundle option!

Starts at $15

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