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Colors, Cuts & Styles

Colors are very specialized services, there is no one-size-fits-all. The prices listed are a starting point, but for the most accurate estimate, book a color consultation with your stylist. 

Since your color appointment will reserve 2-6 hours a our day, please be courteous of our cancelation/reschedule policies. 

Full Foil 

A full foil involves highlighting or lowlighting hair in every section of your head. This could be slightly lightening or darkening with tiny slices of weaves or heavy weaving for something more dramatic, such as going from brunette to blonde.

Starts at $80


Partial Foil

A Partial Foil is fewer foils, most of which are done in the top sections of your hair. This is great for when you are needing a quicker service in between your full highlight appointments.

Starting at $65


Balayage & Foliage

Balayage is the french word for “sweep”. In a balayage, you “sweep” or hand paint the highlights onto the hair and let them process in the open air. This is a great alternative to the full highlight, as it is more dimensional, and give a great “lived in” look that requires less maintenance.

A foliage is very similar to a balayage but the hair is put in foils for maximum brightness. This service is perfect for brunettes who are wanting to be super blonde.

Starting at $85


Color Correction

A color correction is correcting something within the hair. Which could mean toning out unwanted brassiness, taking your hair from light to dark colors (and vice versa) or lightening your hair to achieve a more desired effect.

$40 per hour


Fashion Color

A fashion color A.K.A a “vivid” color are any color that isn’t considered a natural hair color (blue, purple, green, ect.). These colors often require more steps such as, lightening, pre-toning, applying the fashion color, and processing time.

$30 per hour


All Over Color

An all-over color is just as the name suggests. You apply color all over the hair. Every hair is made one color in this service.

Starting at $65


Root Touch-up & Root Smudge

A root touch up is just as the name suggests, you apply color to the roots only. This is a great alternative to help with color longevity in between your big color appointments. This service is also perfect for the client wanting to get rid of gray hairs.

Starting at $50


Gloss Treatment 

Do you ever find you hair looking dull and like it has lost it’s shine? A gloss treatment is perfect for you! This service starts with a shampoo, a clear gloss and a blow dry and style. This service is also perfect for blondes who are needing their blonde re-toned in between blonding services.

Starting at $25


Dry Hair Cut

A dry haircut is when the stylist cuts your hair dry. This helps for precise cutting for the stylist, as well as refine shapes.

$21- $25


Hair Cut with a Wash & Blow Dry

This is similar to your basic dry haircut, but instead you get the full salon experience. This service involves getting a luxurious shampoo, a haircut, and a blowout and style to finish off your top notch service. Depending on the style, sometimes the stylist will cut your hair first, dry, and sometimes they will wash first for a wet haircut.

Starting at $26


Shampoo and Set

For long lasting, short styles, a deep shampoo with thermal styling.


Important Things to Consider

Before Booking:


Color services are extremely individualized experiences; the end goal and the starting canvas are never the same for any two clients.  For your convenience, a description of our color services and starting prices are listed, but it is important to remember that the stylist may need to adjust the price with set modifiers such as: hair length, hair density, hair porosity, additional color bowls for multi-dimensional processes, bond strengthening additives and toning or glossing.

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