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Barber Services

If you like the vibe of a walk-in Barber Shop, we've got you covered. On Fridays & Saturdays, a licensed barber is in house to accept walk-in appointments.

For your convenience, you can also call and pre-book your appointment in advance. Or yes the link above to book online.  

Hair Cut

A haircut catered to you.



Beard Trim

A tidy-up of your beard using trimmers



Straight Razor Shave

Some like a perfectly smooth face, some leave facial hair, either way, adding this shave to your service will leave your skin smooth and your beard tidy.



Full Head Shave

Shaving your head at home can be a very big job, come in and let out barber take care of that with ease. 



Brow Wax / Cheek Wax

Shaving between your brows is a temporary solution to over grown eye-brows, but waxing can leave the skin smooth for days or even weeks. 

Starting at $4

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