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"How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?"

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This is a question I get asked frequently about eyelash extensions. I love educating my guests on how to care for their lashes in order to get the best retention! The first thing, and I think the most important step to get the best retention, is to show up to your initial appointment with zero eye makeup! If you wear mascara, eyeshadow or anything of the sorts, I will have you remove it and it messes with the glue adhering to the natural lash. And sometimes we don’t get all of our makeup off with just a makeup wipe even though we think we have it all taken off. The second thing is the lash bath, before every service, I prime the lashes with a lash bath to remove any excess oil. I bought my lash shampoo from a company I found through one of my educators from cosmetology school! After the lash bath, I blow dry and brush through your lashes in order to make sure every lash is dry and prepped for the extensions. I have a mini fan for blow drying the lashes through the whole process. After the initial service, I set the extensions with a protective sealer which helps with your retention on your lashes. But the steps to get the best retention doesn’t stop at me!! Oh no, there are things you do at home that help with this as well! I always recommend a 24-48 hour period where you do not get your lashes wet in order to let the sealer and glue settle in one-hundred percent! After this setting period, I suggest that you wash your lashes daily. If you plan on being a long-term lash extension client, I suggest using an actual lash shampoo like mine, I bought it on amazon! After your appointment I will send you home with multiple spoolies, every-time you get your lashes wet, you must brush your lashes with a spoolie or else they will get clumped together and are more susceptible for fall out. Money-Saving Tip: If you do not want to purchase lash shampoo, I suggest using oil free micellar water by Garnier (pink cap) or baby shampoo and a q-tip!

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