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Ripley Square

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In the late 1890s, the president of the Santa Fe railroad, E. P. Ripley, donated 10 lots, next to the tracks, so that we could build a beautiful park. The plot was graded, trees planted, and walkways built. Fountains were installed and a beautiful lake constructed. It was named Ripley Square, and by 1902 it had become a showcase for the city of Marceline. The same fountain base is still in the center of the park.

In the early days, the park pond was twice the size it is now. There were swans and canoes; it was popular among teens and young adults, to take their girl out on the water, lots of young men received their first kiss on this pond.

On Sunday afternoons, while living in Marceline, Elias Disney and his family would hitch up the wagon and come into town to attend band concerts at the gazebo. Flora Disney would spread a quilt and the family would spend the afternoon visiting friends and listening to music.

On one side of our park, we have a steam locomotive on display, on the other side we have a caboose, both were given to us from the Santa Fe Railroad.

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