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Brick Pavers

This image of Main Street is exactly how it would have looked when the Disney’s arrived in 1906. The city did not complete installation of the brick paver’s until 1912, so by the dirt roads, we can tell this picture was taken sometime between 1905, after the completion of the Allen Hotel and 1912, before the completion of brick pavers. You will notice that our downtown has not changed much over the last century.

Downtown Marceline, 1906

Downtown Marceline, 2006

As a reminder of our past, West Gracia Street still has the original brick pavers, undisturbed, and in surprisingly good condition. You can find this brick street by walking straight South on Main Street U.S.A. to the end of the downtown district. Gracia Street is named for the daughter of a Marceline founding father and early mayor, Hiram Long.


Activity Suggestion:

Get a pedicure and go take photos of your bare feet on our historic brick road.

On your way to Gracia Street, stop in at J & J's on Main, they have awesome food and great drinks. While there, ask the owners, who will likely be your server and chef, about the Lady in White, Marceline's ghost legend.

Order the Lady in White cocktail.

If you could go for a second drink, try the Dusty Miller After Dark. You can learn more about Marceline's classic sundae, the Dusty Miller, on a trip to Ma Vic's Corner Cafe. But you will have to go there early in the day, they are only open for breakfast and lunch and close at 3 pm daily. I recommend the baby size Dusty Miller, its plenty for a snack, and costs only $1.00, heck ya!

After your drinks, head on down to the corner of Gracia Street and Main Street U.S.A. Take off your shoes and experience the brick pavers. After your photoshoot on Gracia Street, you might as well head East 1 block to the Gracia Street Bridge. There has been a bridge there since 1916. Once you get to the top, you will have a great view of the passing trains. We average 70 trains per day, so you won't have to wait long. Disclaimer: It’s fun to watch trains pass underneath the bridge, but be sure to hold on to your hats! Also, it can be a noisy experience that may startle children or pets. For your safety, please stay on the sidewalk side of the bridge and do not sit on the railing.

If you look North, you’ll see the depot that has been home to our Walt Disney Hometown Museum since 2001. Looking out South is the old Santa Fe railroad yard. Once upon a time, this was a bustling place, with a coal chute and a steam locomotive roundhouse.

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