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Extension Q & A with Rebecca Core Bellami Certified Extensionist

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Q. Why do most clients approach you for extensions?

A. Fullness, length, and special occasions such as weddings. I have a variety of clients with all different types of goals. One client had breakage around her face, so I installed some I tips to add length and fullness to blend with the rest of her hair. I also have a client who is getting married this year and wanted to add length to attain her desired bridal look. Another example is a client of mine who suffered hair loss due to a medical condition. Extensions can be for anyone!

Q. What are the types of extensions you offer?

A. The extensions I offer are 100% Remi human hair. I am certified in four different methods: Tape ins, I-tips, K-tips, and sewn in Wefts.

  • Tape-ins cannot be lifted so they will have to be taken out and reinstalled every time.

  • I-tips are individual pieces attached with a bead that will be lifted every 4-6 weeks.

  • K-tips are keratin tipped individual strands fused to the hair with heat. These cannot be lifted, instead they would be left in for up to 4 months and then taken out and replaced if wanted.

  • Sewn in wefts are a 30-33” long piece of machine sewn hair custom cut to fit your head and then sewn into 3-4 beaded tracts. The wefts are also lifted every 4-6 weeks.

*The I-tips and Wefts can be lifted 2-3 times and then will need to be taken out and re-installed to prevent breakage and matting.

Q. What is a consultation?

A. Your first appointment will be a 30 minute consultation where we discuss your goals, breakdown on the type of extensions, and determine which method would best fit what you are wanting. I will also do a rundown on pricing at this time. Once we have settled on a game plan, I will then color match you and take a deposit to order the hair.

~Shipping takes two business days to get in.

Q. How long does an install take?

A. A full head of extensions takes approximately 3 hours.

Q. How long does the hair last?

A. The hair itself will last up to a year with proper at home care. All clients will receive a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioning spray, and an extension brush at the time of installation.

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