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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

When you are looking for a temporary pop of color, braid in hair extensions are the perfect option! Whether you're 6 going on 16 or a grown adult, fun hair knows no boundaries.

While direct dye fashion color on your natural or prelightened hair is always a fun option, sometimes that service is a little too permanent. A direct dye vivid can last several washes, and almost never washes out completely, you will need a touch up or color correction to get back to your natural hue. Direct dye allows for endless creativity, and our stylists here at DayBreak have earned quite the portfolio in fun fashion color services.

But today I want to introduce you to Braid-In Bundles.

Braid-In Bundles, Yeah! These styles are meant for weekend events, dress-up days at school, fun evenings out, and all other special occasions where mundane hair just won't do! These lively styles are created by weaving in sections of pre-colored synthetic hair into a braid, twist, or banded style. The hair measures up to 24 inches long, and can be incorporated to any braidable length of hair. You can walk in with shoulder-length hair, and walk out as a rainbow mermaid.

From This

To This

These temporary styles last between shampoos. It is recommended to come in with freshly cleaned and dried hair, so that you can wear your braids several days before removing for shampooing. If you are super careful, the synthetic hair can be collected and saved for you to use again. And since we are able to bring this service to you at an affordable price, we think it is totally worth it! Styles options start at just $6 for a single strand of synthetic hair braided into a single braid, and go up to $30 for 2 bundles (as pictured above). Custom designs can be priced during an initial consultation, we like a good challenge, so bring on your wildest imagination! Book now for your mermaid hair and unicorn confidence.

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