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Dipped Nails Are Here!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We have long awaited the time, when the right cosmetologist would walk through our doors, and have a passion for DOING NAILS! Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, she has entered the building!

I'd like to introduce you to Cirena!

Along with our Gals: Wende, Caiti, Ally, Julia, and Sam, who also offer pedicures, Cirena will be offering: Our Signature Pedicure, the upgraded Spa Pedicure which includes a Mud Masque, AND the Luxury Pedicure which includes a Gelee Foot Soak and a Collagen Foot Wrap.

She will also be offering Dip Powder Nail Services. What is a dip powder nail? Well it's a technique that is quickly replacing the original acrylic nail. It gives you the same look, but the process is quicker and easier, and because of that, more affordable as well. Dip Nails start at just $40 and can be booked ONLINE with the link below!

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