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The New Name In Nails

Gel-X Nails. Have you heard of them yet?!

Gel-X Nails are an exciting new alternative to standard acrylic/dip nails and hard tips. Gel-X Nail Extensions combine the flexibility of soft gel polish with the length of glue-on or press-on nail extensions for a seamlessly beautiful finish.

Getting Gel-X Nails is a quick and easy process that does not harm your natural nails. We prep your natural nail with a pH bonder and apply the extension (aka: tip), made completely out of gel polish, directly onto your natural nail and then cut and shape it to your preference. Gel-X extensions have clear tips that help create length past your natural nails and provide extra support for the nail extension, taking the pressure off your nail bed.

Gel-X Nails generally last between two and three weeks. They are a great option for our clients that have sensitive skin or slightly more brittle nails. As your natural nail grows out you can schedule follow-up appointments to keep up with your current nail color or opt to change out color and/or shape as you wish.

Gel-X Nails are removed the same way you remove a standard gel manicure. An electric file is used to break the top barrier before you are left to soak tips off. The whole gel tip dissolves and comes off clean and easy.

Even if you are not a regular nail client, this is a great option for just an upcoming event, because the removal process is so easy with minimal damage to your natural nail bed. Gel-X Nails are also a fantastic way to keep your nails matching the upcoming holidays every month!

Gel-X Nails are offered exclusively by Barb at DayBreak Salon. You can call to book your appointment or pick your time spot online by clicking the link below.

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