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Heard of Dermaplaning?… Wondering what the heck it is?!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Have you ever heard that shaving your face can cause hair to grow back thicker and darker? Well that is a myth, and not true, and we wanted to get that out of the way first and foremost!

So while dermaplaning is almost like a full face shave, this is not us saying to shave your face with your husbands razor. Dermaplaning is a different type of shave, we use medical grade razors and professional product to get a super closer contact with zero irritation.

It takes off all the fuzzies on your face AS WELL as the top layer of dead skin. And you will be amazed to see how much dead skin hangs on, dulling your radiance, its like an exfoliator on steroids. It allows your face to breathe and push out all of the toxins in your skin. After the first time you might see a bit of acne pop up, but don’t worry it’s just your face finally being able to push all the gunk out. After that the more you do it the more your skin is allowed to heal. Think of it like letting a sore breathe. You let it breath to push up all that nasty gunk and as it heals, it heals from the inside out. So your pores gets less and less deep allowing less and less gunk to build up until there isn’t a place to build up anymore. YES, you heard it, smaller pores! It also leaves a nice soft templet for people that wear a lot of makeup because everything sits on the skin much smoother.

I would recommend keeping up with it every 2-4 weeks. I highly recommend pairing it with a facial, so your freshly exfoliated skin can soak up all the nutrients applied in our Essential and Luxe Facials. Dermaplane alone costs $25 per session, but when you pair it with a facial, you save! With each level of facial it gets cheaper! Sign up for a Facial with added dermaplane service TODAY, so you will really be putting your best face and skin forward.

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