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  • Pre-Tan Care
    Prep Instructions: Shower, shave and exfoliate 12-24 hours prior to your appointment. Showering and shaving too close to your spray tan appointment can negatively alter the way your skin processes the solution. If you are getting a wax, massage, or pedicure, complete these at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, the oils in the lotions used with these services can create a barrier for your tan. Come to your appointment with your skin free of all products. This includes jewelry, lotions, deodorant, make-up, oils and perfumes.
  • Post Tan
    Post-Spray Tan Instructions Avoid Water Following your spray tan, avoid any water exposure. This includes sweating, so do NOT go to the gym or engage in any activity that could result in perspiration. Avoid applying lotions, make-up, deodorant, and perfume until after your first rinse. If you have pets, do NOT let them lick you. Do NOT do the dishes, avoid washing your hands. Do NOT get stuck in the rain, do NOT go swimming, and do NOT rinse until your scheduled time. Post Shower / Rinse When the mandatory processing time has reached, you may rinse off the excess bronzer. Avoid scrubbing and Do NOT use soap, this first shower should be a light rinse. Avoid Hot water, warm is better. A short shower is best. If you notice streaks after getting out of the shower, hop back in and use your hand to help glide the leftover bronzer off. PAT dry with a towel, Do NOT rub your body dry.
  • Day of Session
    It is the day of your spray tan! Wondering what you need to do today? Plan your day, do NOT shower directly before your spray tan appointment, at least 12 hours before is recommended. During your shower, be sure to shave and exfoliate your skin. After your shower, towel dry. Do not apply any lotion or skin care products, this includes deodorant! Wear loose-fitting/baggy clothing. AVOID TIGHT CLOTHING: this includes socks and wired bras. If you are comfortable, wear a sports bra or cami, or go bra free. During your spray tan, most people tan in underwear only. Some prefer to wear a bra and underwear during their spray, this is okay, but be sure to wear a strapless bra, or something that will not create visible tan lines. Some tanners prefer to be tanned completely nude, I am perfectly comfortable tanning you in any amount of clothing you chose! Expect some of the tan to rub off on your clothes before your first rinse. This is normal and should wash out of your clothes easily. If this is a concern, do not wear your favorite white shirt to your appointment. Baggy clothes will help with rub off. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly!
  • Maintenance
    Tips to making your tan last longer: Take shortened showers and moisturize daily with a natural lotion. Stay away from lotions with mineral oil and high amounts of fragrance (example: Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret) Acknowledge that the following activities can strip your spray tan faster: Chlorine, Salt Water, Long/Hot Showers/Baths, Saunas, Excessive Sweating.
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