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New to the Team!

Hey there!! I’m Barbara, the new apprentice you will see buzzing around the salon! I would like to introduce myself and share with you a few of my goals and aspirations.

I just moved to the area a few years ago, and I am so glad I did! This community has been so welcoming and amazing I could not wait to become a part of it. When I was offered this wonderful opportunity at the salon, I could not pass it up. It has been such a fun time becoming involved and surrounded by the bubbly personalities that work in the salon as well as the ones that stop in for services. I could not have found a better area to settle down and set roots in for my children as well as myself!

What is an apprentice?

Not many people know this, but you can become a licensed Cosmetologist two ways: 1. attend hair school or 2. train under a licensed cosmetologist in a salon. I will be training directly under the owner, Lindsey Havard, with additional guidance from veteran stylist Wende Wright. Being surrounded by all the talented staff here at DayBreak Salon is going to make this the melting pot of learning experiences. There are so many services being provided here daily that I am excited to learn and eventually offer. The way I learn during my apprenticeship is by gaining hands-on experience by providing actual services on actual clients under the direct supervision of one of my mentors, so we have designed some really great pricing options to help encourage booking. My prices will be low, because my skill level will be evolving, and your constructive criticism is always welcome. And if I do a great job, you can tip me, the only form of payment I will receive for the services I provide during my training.

After I earn 3000 hours of hands-on experience, I will be eligible to convert my student license to a Professional License from the State of Missouri. My goal is to be finished with my training in approximately 2 years and build a good clientele of my own along the way so that I can form a lifetime career here, like much of the other staff.

Below is a link to book with me. When you click on the link, be sure to search under the Apprentice and Training tab, find this tab by scrolling the categories at the top. My available services list will be growing as I work through my apprenticeship. After my graduation, all my prices will go up to the regular cost, so grab my apprentice prices while you can!

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