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My Experience as a New Stylist at DayBreak

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

A question that I hear a lot as a new stylist is, “How’s the salon you work at? Do you love it?” and the answer to this question is always a loud and proud “YES!”.

From the day I started hair school I always knew I wanted to work at DayBreak. I always saw the work of the stylists who I now get to work alongside of, and was just in awe of how amazing they were! I really wanted to learn from them and work with them!

One morning, I was sitting in a zoom class for hair school when I got the message from Lindsey, who was looking to set up an interview. Lindsey told me she learned about me through another stylist, Madi, who I have known for many years! We set up the interview and after, I instantly knew that this was for sure something that I wanted. I stayed in touch with Lindsey and started doing eyelash extensions in the salon on Mondays. On the Mondays that I wasn’t busy doing lash extension, I spent shadowing all of the stylists here. They were all so welcoming and so open to have me watch them and learn a thing is or two, and they still are to this day.

There is honestly no better feeling than being appreciated for the things you can bring to a small town salon. Having specialties in Brazilian Blowouts and eyelash extensions have opened up so many doors for me as a new stylist. People in the community have no idea what eyelash extensions are or even a Brazilian Blowout. I love getting to take the time to educate guests on these topics. One big thing that I took away from cosmetology school was to educate your guests and at DayBreak I have gotten so many opportunities to educate not only my guests, but my co-workers as well.

I love working with people who are not going to brush me off when I try to put my two cents in. My opinion is valued and I am taken with respect. I have not once felt belittled because I am a new stylist or anything of the sorts.

Taking the job opportunity at DayBreak was probably the best career move I could have made for myself. I am so glad for all the familiar faces I have seen in my chair, people I have met, and all the support from my friends and family to get to this point in my career.

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