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 Did You Know?

Your skin performs a magical dance every day, known as "Transepidermal Water Loss" (TEWL).  Imagine water gracefully moving from the deep layers of your skin, waltzing through to the outer surface, and then evaporating into the air – a ballet unseen to the naked eye!

TEWL is our skin's unsung hero, playing a crucial role in skin hydration and acting as a guardian of our skin's barrier function.

Why Should You Care?

- A low TEWL signals a strong, protective skin barrier, locking in moisture and fending off irritants.

- A high TEWL? A call for help, indicating dryness, irritation, or a plea for extra nourishment.


Factors Influencing TEWL:

  • Ever-changing weather and humidity

  • Your daily hydration habits

  • The skincare champions and culprits in your routine


Embrace the Moisture:

Unlock the secret to balancing TEWL with a treasure trove of moisturizers containing:

  • Occlusives: Your skin’s personal shield against moisture loss

  • Humectants: Nature’s magnet for drawing hydration deep into your skin

  • Emollients: The smoothing serenade for your skin’s surface

Stay quenched, and let your beauty shine, Queen Bees!

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