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New Tanning System, Coming Soon!

DayBreak Salon has been been half hair salon / half tanning salon since we very first opened in 2005. At that time, our tanning program was the best around. Over the years, our improvement efforts have been focused on growing our service side, and boy have we done that! Dual pedicure chairs, facials and lashes, braiding, threading, and hair extensions to name a few.

However, our tanning program has remained relatively unchanged, until NOW, that it!

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, of course.

Due to a power outage in late January, our tanning beds received low voltage, resulting in complete failure of multiple components in both our tanning beds. After the initial shock, we decided, well, it was time for a tanning revamp! Some of the changes to come will be fresh paint, improved room lighting, touchless light switches, improved dressing room furniture.

The big change will be the verbiage. For almost 20 years, we have referred to our beds as "red" and "blue," simply because of the color or the equipment. The red bed and blue bed made up a 2 level tanning system for us. In bigger towns and cities, most tanning salons operate a 5 level tanning system. The levels are based on the wattage output of the bed and the type of tanning lamp installed. To make our tanning bed level system fluent with others, we have decided to adopt the 5 level system.

"But you only have two beds?" you might ask. That is correct, our "Red Bed" is equivalent to a Level 3 tanning bed, and our "Blue Bed" has the output of a typical Level 4 tanning bed.

And the most exciting change to our tanning program is the addition of our Level 5 Tanning Bed! The level 5 will arrive sometime in March, and will offer almost double the output of our Level 4 Tanning Bed. What does this mean for you? Faster tanning, longer-lasting color.

For more information on our new tanning program, visit

We will sell single sessions to each bed, in addition to monthly and annual memberships. The membership you buy doesn't lock you into to using only 1 bed, however, that would be way too boring! Depending on the membership level you purchase, you can always level down a bed for no charge. If you buy a Diamond Membership (level 4) you can tan in the level 4 AND the level 3 beds. Your membership will also allow you to level up for a small upcharge. If you are in a Gold Membership (level 3), a $5 upcharge will get you in the level 4 bed, and a $10 upcharge will get you a session in our level 5, thats a savings of over 50% off the single session price.

"What if I buy a Gold Membership, and then try the Platinum Bed and LOVE it, and never want to go back?" No problem, Lindsey can prorate the package and calculate the fee to get your package upgraded for the remainder of the term.

Our pricing options were designed to be flexible and adaptable for every type of tanner. If you are having a hard time deciding the best package for you, just reach out to us, and we can help you decide. We WANT you to find value in your tanning membership, so you become another life-long loyal customer.

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