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Hello, I'm Lindsey

I am here to help organize the vendor list for the D23 Event in Marceline on June 3, 2023.   Below is the Registration form.  Please submit it promptly. Thank you!!

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the vendor fee for the event?

Each 10' X 10' space will be $25.  An additional $10 will be charged for access to 110V. electricity.  You must bring your own extensions cords.  Payment arrangements will be made after registration is received. 


What is the date and time of the event?

This is a 1-day event, taking place in Ripley Park in downtown Marceline, on June 3, 2023.  The bulk of the crowd is expected between 12PM - 4PM.  However, vendors are invited to stay later.  Tear down should start no sooner than 4PM and should be complete by 8PM. 

When can you set up?  

Our team will be in the park ready to assist you starting at 7AM on Saturday, June 3rd.  The vendors should be set up and ready for customers by 11AM.   Absolutely no vehicles or trailers allowed in the park.  Come prepared with a dolly for transporting your fair.  

What is the event for?

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary.  In honor of this year-long celebration, many special events will be held.  


Contact For Questions

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  If I don't know the answer, I can point you in the right direction!


text:  660.864.7094

Facebook:  Lindsey Havard

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